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Many think of Retiro as that part of the city lying in the small area on the downtown-side of 9 de Julio, surrounding Plaza San Martín close to downtown. But Retiro technically extends for several blocks on the Recoleta side of 9 de Julio, and is therefore home to many of the best upscale restaurants and bars in the city, including those in the exclusive Recova de Posadas, and those in the Four Seasons Hotel, Hyatt Palacio Duhua, and the Sofitel’s Brick Hotel.

We’ve screened the barrio’s list of restaurants and listed only the crème de la crème in this list of restaurants. The city’s top three Gastropubs, featuring gourmet-quality cuisine and the best cocktails in the city are also located in this barrio.

You can filter the list by type of restaurant and other restaurant characteristics.

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